Degli Esposti

Umbrian musician, specialized in research, execution and teaching of ancient and traditional music with wind instruments.

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The last works of Goffredo Degli Esposti

Canta Perugia
Nuove canzoni perugine

La Nouvelle H
Héloise (Autoproduction, 2015)

Le vie del Sacro
 (Micrologus Ed. 2014)

Saltarello and other dances
(Autoproduction, 2014)

(Micrologus Ed. Disc. 2013)


“…The Ensemble…Goffredo Degli Esposti (double flute, shawn, bagpipe)…take a serious historical approach to presenting the music of medieval Italy, but also have serious fun in performing it.”

Kernan Andrews

“La nuit napolitaine possède un son très caractéristique. Des sons, devrait-on dire. Ceux d’instruments typiques – la sorellina, cornemuse à clés probable ancêtre de la muse de cour, le buttafuoco, psaltérion à percussion qui se joue accompagné d’une flute à trois trous …”

Anne Ibois-Augé

“…Dix musiciens merveilleux, suaves dans la mélodie, irrésistibles dans la danse et la tran- se! On a le souffle coupé de voir les cordes si dynamiques, notamment lebutttafuoco de Goffredo Degli Esposti.

Mathew Adams

“Even for the inaugural concert of the fourth edition of the usual end-of-year event, entitled” Spello Splendens “, Goffredo Degli Esposti was amazed by his virtuoso skills. “

Stefano Ragni

Goffredo Degli Esposti

Umbrian musician, specialized in the research, execution and teaching of ancient, traditional and world music with wind instruments:
flutes, bagpipes, bagpipes and ciaramelle.
Co-founder of the Micrologus Ensemble with whom he holds concerts both in Europe and in America.
He has made recordings, radio recordings and collaborated for theater and film music, including the soundtrack of the film “Mediterraneo”.



With Micrologus 
At the Festival di Musica Antica di Urbino
Saturday, 20th July 2019!

Concert in Assisi
Micrologus with Daniele Sepe Jazz Group
28th  July 2019!

The reconstruction of the SORDELLINA of the first part of the seventeenth century is on its way!

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