Giocolari del Micrologus

Goffredo Degli Esposti – flute and drum, double flute, bagpipe
Gabriele Russo – viella, fife, buccina (straight trumpet)
Enea Sorini – singing, dolcimelo, percussion
Federica Bocchini – singing, cymbals
Giordano Ceccotti – hurdy-gurdy, buccina (straight trumpet)

Emanating from the larger Ensemble Micrologus, it is a smaller formation, of 3-5 musicians in medieval clothes, composed of solo voices, choir and many instruments. Performs the most immediately communicated musical repertoire of the European Middle Ages: troubadour love songs, Carmina Burana, festive songs, tales and stories of miracles, ballads, dances, etc., in various ancient languages ​​(Latin, Italian, French , German, English).

This group evokes the tradition of the jester where the voices and the instruments are means, not only musical, but of theatrical and entertainment expression. Among the instruments used there are, in particular, some typical of the Middle Ages that play in the bordone: guinterna (plucked string instrument), viella (the medieval viola), zufolo & drum (three-hole flute played together with the drum), ghironda ( stringed instrument with keyboard) and the bagpipe.

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