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Goffredo Degli Esposti: zampogna a chiave e zoppa, flute and double flute
Sara Marini: voice, triangle
Lorenzo Lolli: voice, tamburello
Roberto Cecchetti: organ, bass, accordion


The rediscovery of folk music from Umbria and from Central Italy, revisited in a fun and entertaining way, and new compositions in traditional style.


Mirco Bonucci: voice and guitar
Roberto Cecchetti: accordion and accordion
Goffredo Degli Esposti: flute and drum, bagpipe, double flute

An experiment that is going great: this is the result of the new cd of Perugian songs, cantaPerugia, recorded this year, 2018, by a close-knit group of musicians like Sara Marini, Goffredo Degli Esposti, Roberto Cecchetti and Mirco Bonucci, who have reworked the traditional motifs of the Perugian and Umbrian folk music on which Renzo Zuccherini wrote the lyrics, often based on the musical themes of ancient folk dances of our countryside, such as the trescone, the sor cesare, the tacchipunta, etc.

Traditional music but in a new and current context: obviously, there is no longer the agricultural world of the farmhouses scattered around the hills of Perugia, a world in which the songs could be heard resounding “from one to the other” on the occasion of the corn harvest or reaping, or in “vigils” by the fireplace. In today’s world, music and songs travel on CDs, or through social media such as youtube or facebook: therefore even texts are adapted to today’s world, to its problems and to its way of life, but to express the feelings of always: the desire for peace, love, joy or suffering, the presence of nature, the desire to feel good …

Irish music con Goffredo Degli Esposti & Katerina Ghannudi

Katerina Ghannudi: song, Celtic harp
Goffredo Degli Esposti: flute, tin whistle, bagpipe

Traditional Irish music: songs, airs and dances (reels, hornpipes) song and played on the Celtic harp, flutes (and with tin whistle) and the bagpipe.
The repertoire includes some Christmas carols, as well as love songs, brands and some cultured compositions, such as those of the blind harpist Turlogh O’Carolan (1670-1738), the greatest Irish musician of the past.


Goffredo Degli Esposti: lame zampogna, modern key-style bagpipes, Emilian piva, Sicilian bagpipes, double flute, launeddas, ciaramella, Gabriele Russo: fife, Calabrian lira, bagpipe with key, swing guitar.

ZAMPOGNE CONCERT In this concert various bagpipes and bagpipes of Italy are presented, ancient musical instruments especially indicated to perform the music of the Christmas period: pastoral and instrumental melodies coming from the tradition of various Italian regions of central-south, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. These music have been preserved in the different styles that oral traditions have developed over the centuries: strophic novena in the form of free singing, songs on the rhythm of saltarello, melodies in the typical pastoral progression. Also included are some northern Italian melodies performed on Piva, a specific Italian bagpipe similar to other European ones. A concert with many sound colors, performed by an exceptional Duo, to rediscover a musical heritage of inestimable value and distant origins.

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