Sara Marini

Sara Marini – Voice
Paolo Ceccarelli – guitar
Goffredo Degli Esposti – flute, zufolo & tamburo, zampogna
Francesco Savoretti – percussions

With the Umbrian-Sardinian singer Sara Marini, a project of songs almost completely focused on the Sardinian dialect and the Umbrian dialect, given the two origins of the singer, with several original and unpublished songs that anticipate the sound of a new record: Torrende a domo.


Goffredo Degli Esposti – zampogna a chiave, zampogna zoppa, piva, sordellina, doppio flauto
Andrea Piccioni – tamburelli, tammorra, tammorra muta, castagnette, sgnacchere, marranzano, triangolo


D.E.P. with Italian bagpipes and tambourines Duo explores a repertoire of Italian music of distant and often unknown origin, both of oral and ancient tradition, arranged and adapted to the technical-stylistic possibilities of these instruments. A journey divided into 3 chapters: historical, between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; in the folk tradition of Central Italy, with particular attention to traditional Umbrian music (actually, one of the few Italian regions without traditional bagpipes), up to today’s experimentation, with new compositions and improvisations for the “Triaulos” Trio ( Chiavoni / Degli Esposti / Piccioni).


KRONOMAKIA – the battle of time
Ensemble Micrologus & Daniele Sepe

L’Ensemble Micrologus and the Art Ensemble of Soccavo di Daniele Sepe play a new production from the title ” Kronomakia – the battle of time ”.

A meeting / clash on the music of the Mediterranean area for a “Battle of time”, between today and the past, between tradition and modernity, between different repertoires and styles, through the overwhelming and spectacular glue of rhythm. A spectacular concert that gives repertoires far back in time a new interpretation based on the charm of the mixture of different styles and languages ​​with the overwhelming impact of jazz and rock.

Heloise Combes

Heloise Combes: chant
Guilam: guitares
Goffredo Degli Esposti: flute, flute et tambour
Janice Renau: violoncelle

EvoCanti/Cantico Trio

Raffaello Simeoni- voic, guita, organ, ciaramelle and cornamuse, flute
Goffredo Degli Esposti – flute e tamburo, zampogna a chiave, double flute
Massimo Giuntini – uilleann pipes, tin whistle, low whistle
Gabriele Russo – nykelharpa, voce, piffero

Author song, medieval music and Irish world music.

From the origins to the avant-garde, with the simplicity of medieval troubadours, with the humor of poets on arm and the curiosity of those who are always attentive to his land but also to the stories and sounds of the world. Contemporary visions inspired by old ballads where melodies, dances, suggestions of ancient places, travel songs and pilgrimages, and new songs with ancient guise given by the particular musical instruments used for their fascinating sound are relived.

This project is inspired by the artistic production of Raffaello Simeoni (Novalia), Massimo Giuntini (Modena City Ramblers) and Gabriele Russo and Goffredo Degli Esposti (Micrologus), which turns into a new show dedicated to the melodies of the world. The sound plots of stringed instruments with wind instruments create a new sound, fluid and powerful at the same time.

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